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S.S Stewart Lapsteel 1930s


*CERTIFIED RESTORATION: 3-month warranty on work carried out (see “Modifications/Repairs” below.)

Brand: S.S. Stewart

Model: Lapsteel

Orientation: Right-handed

Serial number:

Year: 1930s

Country of manufacture: United States

Finish: Natural

Body: Mahogany

Electronics: 1 volume and 1 tone.

*Non-functional ''Tone'' potentiometer.

Microphones: Original microphones (handmade prototype)

Hardware store:


-Pickup repair and adjustment

-Added buttons and a gear wheel to the tuners.

Case: Hard case

Aesthetic condition: Good

Technician's Notes: An extremely rare piece! Very little information on the web. The "archaic" version of the pickup and potentiometers seem to indicate the beginning of the 1930s.

S.S Stewart Lapsteel 1930s

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